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Academic Writings

My academic writings are now sifted as uploaded papers in https://feu.academia.edu/bmbragas/Papers 🙂


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a disclaimer

i just logged in again after a year or two. and so, i have just read some comments. please understand that most articles are just re-posted so it will be easy for me to see it again. the articles are not mine. the original authors of whom i included in the post deserve the credit for their writings. thanks! God bless, eveyone! 🙂

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my writings

i intentionally deleted my academic writings to secure them from being copied.  thanks!

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Lecture 1: Yearning to make sense of things

– 2009 Gifford Lecture 1.pdf

Lecture 2: Why we still need natural theology

2009 Gifford Lecture 2.pdf

Lecture 3: The mystery of the constants of nature

2009 Gifford Lecture 3.pdf

Lecture 4: The enigmas of evolutionary biology

2009 Gifford Lecture 4.pdf

Lecture 5: Natural theology and the quest for meaning

2009 Gifford Lecture 5.pdf

Lecture 6: Conclusion: clues to the meaning of the universe?

2009 Gifford Lecture 6.pdf

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